git fetcher: does not execute git fetch --tags or similar when HEAD has not changed

Matthias Schoepfer


We have noticed the following issue: We keep the versions of out software by means of tags on the git repositories, i.e. during the build, somethings like git describe --tags gets called. In yocto, our recipe of SomeLibrary might look then similar to this:

SRC_URI = "git://;tags=v${PV}"

When we build the image, and *then* apply a tag to HEAD, that was already built before, it seems like the tags are not fetched (my guess is git fetcher sees that origins HEAD and local HEAD have the same hash and is fine with it).

The error is, that while the correct version is built, it will report itself with a wrong version.

Is this a bug?



Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schöpfer

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