Re: Getting kernel patch to work

Greg Wilson-Lindberg

Hi Anders,

Good catch, thanks for seeing that.

I also realized that I was missing a FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend. I have tried both:

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "$(THISDIR)/files:"

In both cases I don't see the expansion (i.e. I see '$(FILE_DIRNAME)/files:' or '$(THISDIR)/files:') in the list of searched directories. I would think that I should see the expanded directory path.

Here is the net beginning of my .bbappend file:

# additions to Kernel configuration

#FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "$(THISDIR)/files:"
SRC_URI+= "file://0001-drm-vc4-Keep-the-binner-BO-through-suspend.patch"


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> On 11 Mar 2020, at 1:57, Greg Wilson-Lindberg <GWilson@...> wrote:
> SRC_URi += "file://0001-drm-vc4-Keep-the-binner-BO-through-suspend-GWL.patch”

It looks like you have a typo here, the last letter of SRC_URI isn’t capitalized.


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