Re: Building xen-image-minmal for raspberrypi3-64: kernel-module-xen-* not being built

Aljoscha Lautenbach


You'd be better off asking these questions on the meta-virtualization
mailing list. That's where you'll find the Xen folks.
Thanks, I'll direct any follow-up questions regarding Xen there.

But as for the kernel options, it depends on what kernel you are
using, release, etc. Last I checked, the raspberrypi wouldn't
directly use the fragments from meta-virt, so yes, you'd need to
ensure they are set in your own layer/defconfig.
Ahh, thank you, you managed to switch on the light bulb! :)
Checking the kernel recipes I see now that meta-virt has a
linux-yocto_4.19.bbappend file, whereas meta-raspberrypi uses; so as you said, the meta-virt configuration
is never applied due to different versions. Being new to yocto I did
not make that connection immediately, I guess I did miss the obvious.

If I understand you correctly, I need to add a
linux-raspberrypi_4.19.bbappend file in my own layer that applies the
Xen configuration fragments.
That makes sense, thanks again!

Best regards,

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