Re: [OE-core] Yocto Project Status WW09'20

Richard Purdie

On Sat, 2020-03-07 at 16:58 +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:
On Fri, 2020-03-06 at 22:53 +0100, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
On Wed, 4 Mar 2020 at 23:42, Richard Purdie <
richard.purdie@...> wrote:
Just FYI I think there may also be a couple of other packages
pulls in and they may also have reproducibility issues (gettext-
glibc-locale-* and procps*).
Patch for gettext also sent :) glibc-locale and procps I could not
reproduce :-/
Thanks for that fix, it helps!

FWIW, what I'm seeing with glibc-locale is that these files
from the packages in one of my builds:


I can conform they're not in the glibc stashed-locale sstate object
they disappear somewhere before that in the glibc recipe itself.

Quite where/why I don't know as yet.
Just to save anyone digging, the difference is in configure, one has
msgfmt in the sysroot, one does not. It is there later in the build so
its probably task dependencies not being right.



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