Re: way to make do_devshell changes permanent?

Joel A Cohen

The “git commit” step is just how you tell devtool about your changes. Each commit will result in a patch file in your layer (conversely, each patch file ends up as a commit in the sources directory after your initial “devtool modify”)

Notably, this git repo is only loosely connected to the repo or tarball from the SRC_URI


On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 7:29 PM Kent Dorfman <kent.dorfman766@...> wrote:
On 3/3/20, Aaron Cohen <aaron@...> wrote:
> devshell is good for playing around, but I don't know of any blessed way to
> just have it somehow modify recipes and create patches magically. I'd be
> interested to hear if there is something like that.
> The closest to what I think you want is the "devtool" workflow
> <>
> Basically:
> 1) devtool modify <recipe>
> 2) hack source in $BUILDDIR/workspace/sources/<recipe>, test as desired by
> using "bitbake <recipe>" or "bitbake <image containing recipe>"
> # Once satisfied with changes:
> 3) git add $BUILDDIR/workspace/sources/<recipe> && git commit -m "Added
> cool changes to recipe"
> 4) devtool finish <recipe> <your_layer_name>

I'm not sure that the git add is relevant for all recipes though.
Some of them are simply tarball sources and others are shallow git
archives.  Should I be confident that yocto will know the difference
and treat each case correctly?  or more likely I'll assume that
something was registered and then it doesn't find it's way into the
build but slips through the cracks?

So the question is whether devtool finish is smart enough to save the
changes, regardless of whether the source repo is git or tarball.

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