Re: way to make do_devshell changes permanent?

Joel A Cohen

devshell is good for playing around, but I don't know of any blessed way to just have it somehow modify recipes and create patches magically. I'd be interested to hear if there is something like that.

The closest to what I think you want is the "devtool" workflow 

1) devtool modify <recipe>
2) hack source in $BUILDDIR/workspace/sources/<recipe>, test as desired by using "bitbake <recipe>" or "bitbake <image containing recipe>"
# Once satisfied with changes:
3) git add $BUILDDIR/workspace/sources/<recipe> && git commit -m "Added cool changes to recipe"
4) devtool finish <recipe> <your_layer_name>


On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 3:59 PM Kent Dorfman <kent.dorfman766@...> wrote:
I am dealing with a vendor supplied yocto release where they have
setup the repos as local gitshallow or tar.xz files.  I asked them to
do this in accordance with our strict air-gapped build policies.

They provide a driver and supplement utilities as a gitshallow copy of
their own repo and I can do_devshell on the recipe to extract the code
and play with it.

What is the "yocto way" of making my changes permanent so that they
survive a do_fetch in the future and are integrated into the target
image?  I've noted that changes made during a devshell session do not
make it into the target image at all at this point, but that
do_devshell is simply a subshell sandbox to play with expanded repo.

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