IMX6DL: Rename dtb in boot partition

Mauro Ziliani

Hi all.

My recipes procude some dtb.


The image recipe gives an sdcard file with 2 partition: p1 and p2

p1 is vfat with zImage and imx6dl-sabresd.dtb

p2 is ext4 with the applications.

In p1 I find imx6dl-sabresd.dtb, imx6dl-sabresd-disp1.dtb and  imx6dl-sabresd-disp2.dtb

I need to replace imx6dl-sabresd.dtb with that imx6dl-sabresd-disp1.dtb

I'd like to do this

cp -f imx6dl-sabresd-disp1.dtb imx6dl-sabresd.dtb

How can I do that?

There is a way to rename imx6dl-sabresd-disp1.dtb in imx6dl-sabresd.dtb inside some task?

do_rootfs, do_image or others?

Best regards,


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