Should changing a task in the .bb file cause the task to be rerun?

Sean McKay

Hi all,


This is probably a fairly short question (I hope):

I’m working on a branch based on zeus. I found a bug in the way that one of our recipes was handling something during do_configure (which caused an error to pop up in a do_compile task). When I modified the do_configure task (do_configure_append, actually) to behave properly (which involved changing the actual commands run in that function) and reran bitbake -c compile <recipe>, the do_configure task wasn’t rerun despite the change to the function’s code.


Is it safe to assume this means we’ve done something to mess up the way our system is processing things? Or is that expected behavior? If the latter (which I don’t really expect), is there an explanation somewhere for why changing the commands in a task doesn’t prompt bitbake to rerun the task?



-Sean McKay

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