Re: Issue while adding the support for TLS1.3 in existing krogoth yocto #yocto #apt #raspberrypi

amaya jindal

Thanks for your prompt reply. But is not there any way similar to add support for TLS1.3 instead of moving to new yocto releases

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Backporting core pieces across many yocto releases is basically impossible. You more or less end up having to move and integrate half of the stack, which is a herculean task.

The correct way to approach this is to have a strategy and plan for migrating to newer yocto releases. Investigate what you need to to do to move to thud, or newer, because thud is not a supported release anymore.


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I am using currently krogoth yocto for my current Arm based board. I am having currently openssl 1.0.2h and related recipes from current version but when I want to add TLs 1.3 that is openssl 1.1.1a/b/pre etc from available yocto source or from thud20. 0 yocto I am getting lot of issues. First of all I had to change rpm 4.14. 2 from current 5.4.16. After some time I got error in gobject-introspection recipe 1.46 version that sha1 sha256 hash not found when try to search in python 2.7.2 Please guide -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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