Re: should all "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" become "IMAGE_INSTALL_append"?

Robert P. J. Day

On Thu, 13 Feb 2020, Jeremy A. Puhlman wrote:

You are referring to section 5.2.1 if I am not correct, not 3.2.1?
no, section 3.2.1 in current git version of YP development tasks
manual. that manual doesn't even have a section 5. we better make sure
we're looking at the same manual.

The context is important here. 5.2.1 is discussing using the
variable as part of your local.conf. Which is a different animal
then adding it to an image recipe. In local.conf you really need
_append to for it to even take effect, where its more correct and
natural in my opinion to use += in bb since it provides more
flexibility to alter the recipe with out using too much magic.

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