should all "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" become "IMAGE_INSTALL_append"?

Robert P. J. Day

again, some nitpickiness, but in the current YP dev manual, section
3.2.1, the manual is quite explicit about using "_append" with

"Furthermore, you must use _append instead of the += operator if you
want to avoid ordering issues."

the way that's worded, that's not just a recommendation, it's a
pretty clear directive to the reader, which flies in the face of an
admittedly small number of examples of that in current OE:

$ grep -r "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" *
meta/recipes-sato/images/ += "${PTESTS_FAST}"
meta/recipes-sato/images/ += "${PTESTS_FAST} ${PTESTS_SLOW}"
meta/recipes-sato/images/ += "kernel-devsrc"
meta/recipes-extended/images/ += "\
meta/recipes-rt/images/ += "rt-tests hwlatdetect kernel-dev"
meta/recipes-rt/images/ += "rt-tests hwlatdetect"
meta/recipes-core/images/ += "mtd-utils"
meta-selftest/recipes-test/container-image/ += "container-image-testpkg"
meta-skeleton/recipes-multilib/images/ += "lib32-bash"

i'm fine leaving things as is, but those few examples clearly fly in
the face of the instruction given in the dev manual.



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