Re: dev-manual: differing versions of same recipe in different priority layers?

Leon Woestenberg

Hello Robert,

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 3:14 PM rpjday@...
<rpjday@...> wrote:
in the YP dev manual, section 3.1.6, there is a maddeningly vague

"It is possible for a recipe with a lower version number PV in a layer
that has a higher priority to take precedence."

so does it take precedence or not? just saying it's "possible"
doesn't clarify it for the reader.
Yes, this should be re-worded. This is actually a FAQ.
(I remember more sentences like this exist, that especially for
non-English speakers might be difficult to interpret.)

My proposal would be:

If a recipe exists in multiple layers, the recipe with highest PV
*from the layer with the highest priority* is selected.
Be aware that recipes with the same PN in lower priority layers are
thus not selected, *even if their PV is higher*.



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