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Files that have the <filename>.bb</filename> suffix are
- "recipes" files.
+ "recipe" files.
In general, a recipe contains information about a single piece
- of software.
- This information includes the location from which to download
- the unaltered source, any source patches to be applied to that
+ of software,
+ including the location from which to download
+ the pristine source, any (local) source patches to be applied to that
source (if needed), which special configuration options to
apply, how to compile the source files, and how to package the
compiled output.
@@ -189,9 +189,9 @@
various configuration variables that govern the OpenEmbedded
build process.
These files fall into several areas that define machine
- configuration options, distribution configuration options,
- compiler tuning options, general common configuration options,
- and user configuration options in
+ configuration, distribution configuration,
+ compiler tuning, general common configuration,
+ and user configuration in
<filename>conf/local.conf</filename>, which is found in the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;#build-directory'>Build Directory</ulink>.
@@ -336,7 +336,7 @@
complete a build.
These files are <filename>*.conf</filename> files.
The minimally necessary ones reside as example files in the
- <filename>build/conf</filename> directory of the
+ <filename>meta/conf</filename> directory of the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;#source-directory'>Source Directory</ulink>.
For simplicity, this section refers to the Source Directory as
the "Poky Directory."
@@ -555,7 +555,7 @@
reads the configuration files in a specific order:
<filename>site.conf</filename>, <filename>auto.conf</filename>,
and <filename>local.conf</filename>.
- And, the build system applies the normal assignment statement
+ In addition, the build system applies the normal assignment statement
rules as described in the
"<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_BB_URL;#bitbake-user-manual-metadata'>Syntax and Operators</ulink>"
chapter of the BitBake User Manual.
@@ -584,7 +584,7 @@

- In general, three types of layer input exists.
+ In general, three types of layer input exist.
You can see them below the "User Configuration" box in the
<link linkend='general-workflow-figure'>general workflow figure</link>:
@@ -613,6 +613,9 @@
is the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_GIT_URL;/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta-yocto-bsp'><filename>meta-yocto-bsp</filename></ulink>
+ Individual hardware manufacturers, such as Intel,
+ Xilinx, Altera, NXP and so on will typically provide
+ BSP layers for their own products as well.
<emphasis>Policy Configuration:</emphasis>
@@ -620,14 +623,14 @@
following figure) providing top-level or general
policies for the images or SDKs being built for a
particular distribution.
- For example, in the Poky Reference Distribution the
+ For example, in the Poky Reference Distribution, the
distro layer is the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_GIT_URL;/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta-poky'><filename>meta-poky</filename></ulink>
Within the distro layer is a
<filename>conf/distro</filename> directory that
contains distro configuration files (e.g.
- <ulink url='&YOCTO_GIT_URL;/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf'><filename>poky.conf</filename></ulink>
+ <ulink url='&YOCTO_GIT_URL;/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf'><filename>poky.conf</filename></ulink>)
that contain many policy configurations for the
Poky distribution.
@@ -748,7 +751,7 @@
<title>BSP Layer</title>

- The BSP Layer provides machine configurations that
+ The BSP layer provides machine configurations that
target specific hardware.
Everything in this layer is specific to the machine for
which you are building the image or the SDK.
@@ -763,8 +766,8 @@

- The BSP Layer's configuration directory contains
- configuration files for the machine
+ A BSP layer's configuration directory contains
+ configuration files for the corresponding machines
and, of course, the layer
@@ -798,8 +801,8 @@

- This layer contains any recipes, append files, and
- patches, that your project needs.
+ This layer contains any recipes, append files and
+ patches that your project needs.
@@ -913,7 +916,7 @@
project is to use the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;#ref-classes-externalsrc'><filename>externalsrc</filename></ulink>
class to include that local project.
- You use either the <filename>local.conf</filename> or a
+ You use either the <filename>local.conf</filename> file or a
recipe's append file to override or set the
recipe to point to the local directory on your disk to pull
in the whole source tree.
@@ -1739,7 +1742,7 @@
The <filename>do_populate_sdk_ext</filename> task helps
create the extensible SDK and handles host and target parts
- differently than its counter part does for the standard SDK.
+ differently than its counterpart does for the standard SDK.
For the extensible SDK, the task encapsulates the build
system, which includes everything needed (host and target)
for the SDK.
@@ -2449,7 +2452,7 @@
parts are built fresh and no possibility of stale data exists that
can cause problems.
When developers hit problems, they typically default back to
- building from scratch so they have a know state from the
+ building from scratch so they have a known state from the

@@ -2665,9 +2668,9 @@
Thus far, this section has limited discussion to the direct
inputs into a task.
Information based on direct inputs is referred to as the
- "basehash" in the code.
+ <firstterm>basehash</firstterm> in the code.
However, the question of a task's indirect inputs still
- exits - items already built and present in the
+ exists - items already built and present in the
<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;#build-directory'>Build Directory</ulink>.
The checksum (or signature) for a particular task needs to add
the hashes of all the tasks on which the particular task



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