[PATCH] ref-manual: update PROVIDES entry, "+=" -> "="

Robert P. J. Day

Change the use of "+=" to the more proper "="; also, use a different
recipe example that actually exists in OE-Core at the moment.

Signed-off-by: Robert P. J. Day <rpjday@...>


diff --git a/documentation/ref-manual/ref-variables.xml b/documentation/ref-manual/ref-variables.xml
index 02abc590c..c9b8c6654 100644
--- a/documentation/ref-manual/ref-variables.xml
+++ b/documentation/ref-manual/ref-variables.xml
@@ -11511,13 +11511,13 @@

Consider the following example
- <filename>PROVIDES</filename> statement from a recipe
- file <filename>libav_0.8.11.bb</filename>:
+ <filename>PROVIDES</filename> statement from the recipe
+ file <filename>eudev_3.2.9.bb</filename>:
<literallayout class='monospaced'>
- PROVIDES += "libpostproc"
+ PROVIDES = "udev"
The <filename>PROVIDES</filename> statement results in
- the "libav" recipe also being known as "libpostproc".
+ the "eudev" recipe also being known as "udev".



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