Re: clarifying "PROVIDES =" versus "PROVIDES +=" (pedantic stuff)

Robert P. J. Day

On Sat, 8 Feb 2020, Leon Woestenberg wrote:

Hello Robert,

i am *assuming* that, in the absence of a compelling reason, the use
of "+=" instead of "=" in this context is harmless, but unnecessary,
My understanding is that:

meta/recipes-support/libpcre/ += "pcre"
means "I provide both "libpcre" as well as "pcre". I am assuming
that PROVIDES = "${PN}" is already set by a core BitBake rule
somewhere. (Didn't check...)

So I think it might be harmful to replace it with "=", as it would
no longer provide libpcre.
if that's true, then i've misunderstood it all this time. i guess i
could always RTFS.


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