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Zhang, Jessica

Saul Wold wrote:
On 12/06/2010 11:29 PM, Ke, Liping wrote:
Hi, Jessica& Scott

I am now looking@the task of User specified qemu config support,
desc " We'll provide user an edit box which allows advanced qemu
user to specify arbitrary qemu configuration to meet their needs,
which the poky-qemu scrip will just append the config list towards
the end of the list of parameters to bring up qemu, it also expect
the poky-qemu script to do some basic sanity check on the user
specifications to catch the obvious mistake"

Currently, for the user experiences, the param parsing is without
specific ordering. So the parsing shell code would be somewhat
fixed. Since we're needing to append other user options directly,
the options vary greatly. So my plan is all user options are put
into "" and read in as one parameters for easier processing in the
shell script, for example:

./poky-qemu qemuarm qemuarm.bin unfs_dir serial "-smp -hda
/dev/myfda_file -m 256" (extra options for advance user)
So is this just going to be a text field in the GUI? Will there be
any sanity checking of the paramerters? Or they are just passed
directly and qemu can blow up if bad parameters are passed?

Yes, it just a plain text in the GUI, that's on purpose to off-load our
responsibilitie to testing all the fields if we list them individually in
the GUI, which means we'll tested out all the combinations. By saying that,
I still advise Liping while on the task, don't just plainly passing in the
text that user specified. If you look at poky-qemu-internal, you'll see
there're certain things setting there for different architectures, so I'd
expect to some level of checking to ensure there's no conflict between what
user passing in and what already setted in the script or at least generate
some warning...

- Jessica

How do you think of it? All extra options are given within "" as one

Thanks& Regards,
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