Re: Building and selecting multiple kernel versions

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On Wed, 5 Feb 2020 at 10:02, Mike Looijmans <mike.looijmans@...> wrote:

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On 04-02-2020 17:39, Quentin Schulz via Lists.Yoctoproject.Org wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 04:32:34PM +0000, Ryan Harkin wrote:
> [...]
>> Actually, it does work like this:
>> export MACHINE=xyz
>> bitbake image
>> But not like this:
>> MACHINE=xyz bitbake image
>> No big deal, but I expected the last one to work.
> I use it every day. I don't think we're doing something special (well,
> for that particular thing :D), so there's at least a way to make it work
> for sure :)

Same here, both interactive and in scripts.

Since the first works, you already have done this:

Maybe there's something funky in your shell?
You could check with a command like:
MACHINE=x env | grep MACHINE

 It looks "normal":

$ MACHINE=x env | grep MACHINE

Of maybe somebody wrote a bitbake wrapper for you that forks python instead of
exec'ing it?

No, it's the regular bitbake.

I'm not too concerned about this problem anyway, I'm sure if it's a problem for me, I can work out who is overriding it. 


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