Re: How to make a local patch without a commit number, or will not be possible?

Quentin Schulz

Hi JH,

On Mon, Feb 03, 2020 at 06:06:18PM +1100, JH wrote:

I want to make a patch file for mx6ullevk.h in
meta-freescale/recipes-bsp/u-boot/, to customize
mtdparts, bootcmd and bootargs as I could not find a simple way to do
it in a bbapaend, but I got an error of unable to fetch URL from any
source because the mx6ullevk.h.patch ls my local one, it does have a
commit number. Is it possible to do it or not?
I think you're looking for `git format-patch`. This creates a patch for
the latest commit (HEAD). Take this .patch and add it to your SRC_URI in
a bbappend.

Also as Gabrielle said, U-Boot is having more and more options in
Kconfig instead of board header files, so maybe there's an Kconfig
option you can modify with menuconfig to set the mtdparts, bootcmd
and/or bootargs in which case I suggest you to follow what Gabrielle

Note that you could technically pass a local git repo by changing the
URL to git:///path/to/local/git/repo (that should be enough) and then
you'd be able to use your local SRCREV (BUT, that should be used just
for *testing*).


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