Sad news about Scott Rifenbark

Richard Purdie

I'm sorry to have to pass on the sad news that Scott Rifenbark, our
tech writer for the project passed away on Wednesday after a battle
with cancer.

I remember interviewing Scott over 10 years ago when forming a team at
Intel to work on what became the Yocto Project, he was with it from the
start. He warned me he wasn't an entirely traditional tech writer but I
warned we weren't aiming to be a traditional project either. It was a
great match. He stayed with the project ever since in one way or
another, he enjoyed working on the project and we enjoyed working with

The concept of having a tech writer as part of the team was a decision
I'm proud of and it shows in the material supporting the project today
but that success belongs to Scott and his approach to it. Someone else
put that best, "He would first try the procedure or instructions before
documenting it, I was really impressed". He was hands on and wanted
things to be understandable and correct, a huge challenge with some of
the complexities we deal with.

Outside of the project he had interesting hobbies and travelled quite a
bit, those stories were good over beer and I have many fond memories.

Our documentation stands in his memory and its fitting some of his
character will always be in those words.

Scott will be hugely missed by us all.

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