Re: permanently supercede kernel config with one of my own creation

Quentin Schulz

Hi Kent,

On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 07:53:38AM -0500, Kent Dorfman wrote:
I'd prefer to not go that route. It's a modified "vendor supplied"
kernel from an internal tarball source, and for IA/QA reasons we're
NOT going to refer to any external GIT repos.

Can someone tell me how to just replace the config in an existing
recipe and make it permanent without creating/replacing the whole
Find the task which is doing some logic with the config fragments and
disable it. Replace it by or add a new task which is taking your .config
and putting it in ${S}.

I'ts a single file that has to be inserted/used at the correct point
in the build. I'd say it's not rocket science but that's exactly what
it is for. LOL
Kernel recipes are always custom. We won't be able to help you much more
than that without the actual recipes, its inherited classes and included
.inc files.


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