Re: lost busybox mysteriously

Andy Pont

JH wrote...

That the same problem of missing busybox was not just occurred during
the device running in the middle of operation, it was also occurred
during booting image from NAND, I saw several times that the first and
second cycles of booting image from NAND were working well, then some
following booting process would be crashed by missing busybox, then
could not run whole shell commands. I have been pondering if it could
be caused by NAND issue or network virus / fishy? Appreciate any
The first step is for us to understand what “missing” means?  Have you got any mechanism (U-Boot, SD card boot, etc.) that will allow you to mount and look at the contents of the NAND file system?

If you look at the /bin directory (ls -la /bin/busy*) what do you see?  Have the files been deleted? Truncated? Zero length?

What file system are you using on the NAND flash?  How are the devices being reset during the various boot cycles?  If it is a hardware reset then some file systems are less resilient to it than others but I would expect in that case more fundamental boot issues.


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