Re: [RFC PATCH] python: remove Python 2 and all supporting classes

Ross Burton

On 17/01/2020 20:55, Andreas M?ller wrote:
2. I did not ask for stopping this - just asked how to continue and I
did that for certain reasons: For example: Few minutes ago we saw a
series for npm rework on oe-core. Unfortunately npm as is requires
python2 and many modules.
npm needing Py2 is just disappointing. Surely someone has ported it to py3 by now?

Or the waf stuff: That means somebody has go
to all the projects and ask them for waf upgrade or prepare patches
there (and that means not just upgrading waf). So again: How do we
handle/get rid recipes requiring python2 to build?
Waf is a special case, that the upstream waf file now support Py3, but the convention is to copy-and-paste the actual waf script into your project each upstream needs to update itself.

I looked at just deleting and dropping in the latest waf in waf.bbclass, but the wscript might need to be ported too so that isn't reliable.

tl;dr: anything using waf that called python2 will need to be ported.


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