Building multipartition images

Morgan Hill

Hello all,

I would link to have a read only / partition and a writeable /etc
partition. The pain point I'm running into is populating /etc from the
rootfs. The quick solution is to script the creation of disk images
from the rootfs, outside the bitbake tool chain, however this seems non

I understand that there is the possibility to create partitions using
wks files. The pain point with wks is that the if one specifies rootfs
as the source of both / and /etc partitions both will be populated with
the completed rootfs. The ideal scenario would be that the partitions
are created and mounted then the rootfs is copied on top and the fstab
is installed (as in the installation of other GNU/Linux distributions).

If anyone has solved or knows how to solve this problem neatly in an
image recipe for example some tips would be much appreciated.

Morgan Hill

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