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Enrico Jörns

On Wed, 2020-01-15 at 15:36 +0100, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
Hello Hans-Ulrich,

On 1/15/20 3:25 PM, Hans-Ulrich Schlieben wrote:
Can you copy the device tree snippet you use for defining state?
Is there a problem because ubi works now and garbles the data in the flash?

What does running the state command say?
barebox@Phytec phyCORE-i.MX6 Quad with NAND:/ state
registered state instances:

is empty in zeus, whereas thud returned: (backend: raw, path: /dev/eeprom0.update-eeprom)
The difference between 'zeus' and 'thud' is mainly the barebox version that you
get from the meta-phytec layer.

We had some changes in requirements for the state node alias within the two
year, but unsure if that hits you.

Note that you can find the build dtb in your BSP's deploy dir. You could run

fdtdump tmp/deploy/images/<machine>/<name-of-dtb>.dtb

to dump it.

Regards, Enrico

According to the state command output under thud, your state is stored
on the EEPROM, not the NAND. Look for update-eeprom in your device tree.
There should also be an /dev/eeprom0.update-eeprom in barebox.
if not, try executing the drvinfo command and see if the driver has
probed the EEPROM.

Can you also paste the full barebox output from power-on till failure?

Your board should boot normally with upstream barebox, I think.
Can you try and see if v2020.01.0 suffers from the same problem?


Thank you and Regards


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On 1/15/20 2:26 PM, Hans-Ulrich Schlieben wrote:
Hi Enrico,

thank you very much for your help.
I'm using barebox_2019.01.0-phy4-r7.0 now. In thud I used
barebox_2017.12.0 The image is built using my own ims layer which
depends on core-image-minimal LAYERDEPENDS_ims-layer = "core-image-minimal openembedded-layer phytec-layer"
Its using the meta-phytec Layer and a custom layer from phytec named meta-ksp0663.
Forgot to mention that rauc is used too, which moved from 1.1 to now 1.2.
Just changed the LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to "zeus" here to check whether yocto zeus works.

Is there some info what to change in the devicetree and so on when moving to warrior/zeus?
In thud this worked.
Are there any other error messages?
Can you copy the device tree snippet you use for defining state?
What does running the state command say?

(now again, but with CC-list intact)

Thank you


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Subject: Re: [yocto] #yocto bootchooser: Cannot get state 'state'


this is mainly a barebox-related question, thus I'd suggest asking it on the barebox ML.

[cc-ing barebox mailing list]

On Wed, 2020-01-15 at 04:10 -0800, wrote:

booting the new yocto zeus system manually by "boot mmc" works fine
but default bootchooser fails with:

bootchooser: Cannot get state 'state'
Nothing bootable found on 'bootchooser'
Nothing bootable found
Looks like the state node is missing in your device tree.
Which version of barebox do you use?
And from which layer / recipe?

Building the "same" image in yocto thud works fine. The boot

* BOOT_system0_.default: 3
* BOOT_system1_.default: 3
* allow_color: 0
* autoboot_timeout: 3
* boot.default: bootchooser
boot.watchdog_timeout: 0
bootchooser.default_attempts: 3
bootchooser.default_priority: 1
bootchooser.disable_on_zero_attempts: 0
bootchooser.reset_attempts: (list: "power-on", "all-zero")
bootchooser.retry: 0
* bootchooser.state_prefix: state.bootstate
* bootchooser.system0.boot: mmc
* bootchooser.system0.default_attempts: 3
* bootchooser.system0.default_priority: 20
* bootchooser.system1.boot: mmc1
* bootchooser.system1.default_attempts: 3
* bootchooser.system1.default_priority: 21
* bootchooser.targets: system0 system1
bootm.appendroot: 0
Regards, Enrico
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