Re: How to handle custom fetcher? #yocto

Philip Balister

On 1/13/20 8:56 AM, Bill.Kulp@... wrote:
Hello!  I'm creating a Yocto BSP layer that depends on an external binary.  This binary is large, so it is stored on an external server.  (it's an HDF file for a Xilinx ZynqMP device).

The binary is retrieved using a shell script that can
(1) retrieve a string representing the version of the latest build, and
This sounds very close to what setting SRCREV = ${AUTOREV} does. You
might see how that is implemented. As a note, we avoid recipes setting
AUTOREV since they need networkd access during a build and we try to
avoid that being a requirement for people doing builds from local sources.


(2) download a build corresponding to a specific version.

I am trying to figure out how to integrate step (1) with Bitbake.  Ideally, Bitbake should treat the version string like a version control identifier, querying it and rebuilding the package if it has changed.

Do you have advice on the best practice to do this?  Do I need custom code in the do_fetch step?  Can I dynamically set something like SRCPV or SRCREV?

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