Getting the example recipe created with create-layer to print

Alan Martinović <alan.martinovic@...>

am trying to get some custom logging seen on the console but am
failing to see it get printed.
Here is an example showing the failure.
The starting point is a vanilla clone of poky zeus.
I'm making the layer in the build directory just for development simplicity.

source oe-init-build-env recipe-logger
bitbake-layers create-layer meta-logger-test
bitbake-layers add-layer meta-logger-test

# This created a structure recipes-example/example/
# The gist of the example recipe is using bb.plain [1] to printing to
stdout in the build task:

# Clean and run
bitbake example -c cleanall
bitbake example

# Prints nothing from the recipe...

This is also the case when replacing bb.plain with:
* bb.note
* bb.warn
* bb.fatal
* the recipe doesn't fail here even though it should....

Examining `bitbake -e example` shows the correct code for do_build.

Now the link [1] does say `can also log to standard output (stdout)
with the right settings`.
I haven't yet found references to what is meant with the right
settings and if those are missing here.

Any tips on what might be happening with this barebones example?

Be Well,


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