Re: meta-java / openjdk-8-native spontaneously broken in warrior on CentOS7

Richard Leitner

Hi Darcy,

On 1/3/20 9:43 PM, Darcy Watkins wrote:
Happy New Year
My warrior build with meta-java spontaneously broke over the holidays…
I've backported 2 patches from master to warrior on Dec 27:

In there "commit d5a8ec9e269d1f04a6cf78867ebf74a297f33258" added "-Wno-error=stringop-overflow" to BUILD and TARGET CFLAGS.


After inspecting the config.log, it appears that “-Wno-error=stringop-overflow” was among the BUILD_CFLAGS.  The old GCC 4.8.5 provided by CentOS did not like this.  My workaround was:
   BUILD_CFLAGS_remove = “-Wno-error=stringop-overflow”
I still haven’t a clue why this only shows up now when the commit that changed is dated June 25, 2019 “openjdk-8: disable stringop-overflow compiler errors”.
As you correctly mentioned GCC 4.8.5 doesn't support that flag.
AFAIK GCC 7 introduced it.

I will first revert that patch on warrior and send a fixed one (which respects the compiler version) later on.

Thank you for that catch and your email to the ml!


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