Re: Raspberry pi 4 recipe and layer issues.

Ed Vidal

Testing 1 of the 4 recipes in meta-yosys-tools
I tried testing on target rpi4-64 to determine, EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-DARCH=ice40 -DBUILD_GUI=OFF  ${S} "
variable.  In yocto this uses the build directory.  On the target, "cmake -DARACH=ice40 -DBUILD_GUI=OFF ."
which is the nextpnr directory.  It appears that yocto uses ninja, while the target uses make.  I have copies of both 
CMakeError.log files for target & yocto at the links below.

The target builds and installs while yocto fails do_configure step.

The recipe I am testing with the cmd "bitbake -DDD nextpnr" is 

This recipe is dependent on a 2nd recipe in meta-yosys-tools layer in the same layer.  This recipe creates the RPMs, but is failing in QA step.  I use the "rpm -i icestorm-0.1+git0+041c075e4a-r0.aarch64.rpm" to test on the target.

Let me know if I can provide any additional information. 


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