Re: Pull a single file using git lfs

Quentin Schulz

Hi Andy,

On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 11:23:25AM +0000, Andy Pont wrote:
Quentin wrote...

I unfortunately don't have experience with git lfs.

I'm thinking about the subpath argument to SRC_URI git fetcher.
Unfortunately, there are other files in the same directory that can’t be
checked out. Looking at that documentation, I have added the “nocheckout=1”
I'm curious if subpath can be the path to a file directly and not a
directory, in which case that might work good enough.

option to the git definition in SRC_URI which is stopping the initial pull.

When I try to add any git commands into a do_fetch_append() then it dumps a
load of Python looking stuff on the screen that ends with:

File "autogenerated", line 4
git lfs checkout build/filename
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Interesting one, thanks for telling me :)

I'd add a task between do_fetch and do_unpack for your file if the thing
I said above does not work out. I personally don't like putting stuff in
tasks which aren't meant to be here but that's personal taste.
(configure is not for pulling files).

Let us know what works for you best so people can find this thread later
on if they have the same issue :)



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