Re: [ Error ] python3-psycopg2-native recipe build error #yocto #python

Jussi Kukkonen

On Mon, 9 Dec 2019 at 07:47, <dishant.arora1996@...> wrote:
Recipe --> python3-psycopg2-native -->
Added this recipe using `IMAGE_INSTALL` variable in `` file 

Adding a native package into a target image does not make sense. What are you trying to achieve?

 - Jussi

Got following errors while building the image :  

ERROR: Task do_populate_sdk in /home/ubuntu/build-torizon/meta-sjpl/recipes-sjpl/images/ rdepends upon non-existent task do_package_write_ipk in /home/ubuntu/layers/openembedded-core/meta-spdxscanner/recipes-devtools/python/

ERROR: Command execution failed: 1

How can this error be resolved ?

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