Writing do_compile in python and importing modules

Patrick Doyle <wpdster@...>

i was just reviewing a recipe I wrote a month or two ago and saw that I wrote:

do_compile() {
python3 ${WORKDIR}/assemble-tsk-blob.py -o tsk-blob -d

and I thought to myself, why did I write assemble-tsk-blob.py (which
is a fairly trivial python 10 line script) instead of embedding it
inline in my bitbake recipe?

The answer is: because I could iterate on that 10 line script and test
it much more quickly as a standalone python script than I could if I
embedded it in a recipe. (There are another 10-15 lines of argparse
and if __name__ == '__main__' stuff beyond the 10 lines of actual

Since I'm in a cleaning-up mood, I started wondering if I could change
my do_compile() function to a python function and then embed the 10
lines in there. Of course I can.

But then I started wondering if I could change do_compile to python,
have it import assemble-tsk-blob, and get the best of both worlds --
the ability to test assemble-tsk-blob outside of bitbake, and the
efficiency of including its core operation directly within
do_compile() and not requring that I spin up another python instance.

Aside... there is nothing python3-ish about this code, I am just in
the habit of unquestioningly using python3 for all new development.

Any thoughts?


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