Fixing vulnerabilities in glibc #yocto

Milun Jovanovic

My greeting to all
I am new on yocto project and yocto build environment is also new to me ...
My working task is removing  vulnerabilities from libc library...
The processor is based on arm5 while newer yoctos 2.7.x and 3.x. do not provide environment support for arm5 based processors.

The glibc vulnerabilities are fixed in the latest glibc 2.30 released. package while yocto 2.6.x  includes 2.28 package.
Also some of glibc vulnerabilities are patched in 2.6.4 (\oecore-thud-20.0.4.tar\oecore-thud-20.0.4\meta\recipes-core\glibc\glibc):

while there are some others those have not been patched:

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