Re: Issues with alsa-state

Quentin Schulz

Hi Andy,

On Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 10:40:49AM +0000, Andy Pont wrote:

I am trying to add a custom asound.state file into my Zeus based i.MX6
image. I have created a custom .bbappend file with the following contents:

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend_mx6 := "${THISDIR}/${PN}/imx:”

The output from:

$ bitbake-layers show-appends | grep alsa

is (some names changed to protect the guilty):

The file that is included in the image is the one from the meta-boundary
layer and not the one from my “meta-project” layer. Is there some way to
make my layer take priority or do I need to try to exclude the alsa-state
recipes from the meta-freescale and meta-boundary layers using BBMASK?
Have a look at the paths traversed by Yocto to find your asound.state in
log.do_fetch in the WORKDIR.

You'll have the following:
DEBUG: Searching for asound.state in paths:

The first path to have asound.state in it will be the provider for that

This order is derived from OVERRIDES variable (rightmost to leftmost for
priority order). Basically, rightmost in OVERRIDES is taken, then looked
for in all FILESPATHS paths. Then the second rightmost.

What people usually do is that they use a lower priority OVERRIDES for
subdirectory filename and then the original one or one in a higher
priority OVERRIDES is taken.


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