What should I expect when using SSTATE_MIRROR?

Mans Zigher <mans.zigher@...>


I am trying to use the sstate cache by using a SSTATE_MIRROR. I have
built everything from scratch once and pushed my sstate-cache
directory to the server. I then wen't over to another machine and did
a clean build but this time I made sure it used SSTATE_MIRROR but the
result was not what I expected

Sstate summary: Wanted 1255 Found 233 Missed 2044 Current 0 (18%
match, 0% complete)

I have tried it multiple times on different machines with the same
result the only time it works as expect is when running the build on
the first machine from which the sstate cache was originally coming
from. Am I missing something? Or is this expected?


/Måns Zigher

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