Re: http2 support issue in curl #yocto #raspberrypi

Ross Burton <ross.burton@...>

On 05/12/2019 11:23, Uzair Mazhar wrote:
As I mentioned That I Cloned warrior branch of poky, meta-raspberrypi and meta-openembedded.
nghttp2 recipe is already in my repository under "meta-openembedded/meta-networking/recipes-support/nghttp2"
but the problem is still persistent.
Did you add meta-networking to bblayers.conf?

I tried to add nghttp2 as RDENPENDS in curl and it compiled successfully but libnghttp2 was not part of my image.
Probably because the dependency ended up on a package you didn't actually instally. Also RDEPENDS are not in the sysroot, so the curl build wouldn't have been able to see nghttp2, you meant to add it to DEPENDS.

If I add nghttp2 in conf/local.conf inside "IMAGE_INSTALL_append ", the libnghttp2 becomes the part of my image under /usr/lib but again curl doesn't support http2.
Adding the library to the image won't change the curl library which has already been built without nghttp2.

Looking at the curl recipe, nghttp2 support is there but disabled out of the box, so you just need to turn the support on. The recipe has:

PACKAGECONFIG[nghttp2] = "--with-nghttp2,--without-nghttp2,nghttp2"

The documentation covers the methods available to turn on/off PACKAGECONFIG options:


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