Re: Architecture of .wic approach; image of images

Josef Holzmayr <holzmayr@...>

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 12:11:52PM +0100, Leon Woestenberg wrote:
Let me then first describe the issue I am having, which I think
results from my misunderstanding then.

I would like to package a UEFI bootloader (GRUB), bzImage and
initramfs.cpio.gz into an FAT partition using WIC.

1) Should I adapt my existing my-initramfs recipe as follows:

WKS_FILE = "my-disk-image.wks"
I think I'm starting to see the problem. Do you set those things in your
image recipe? If thats the case, this is where the misunderstandings
happen. An image file is meant to define what goes *into* the image, not
how its gonna look like for a specific hardware incarnation. Think about
core-image-minimal. If it included things like that, how could we use it
as a "hello world"-style image for about every platform?

So, those are things that are hardware, and therefore MACHINE specific.
And thats where they should end up, in your machine config. Thats the
way things are meant:
- the image recipe defines the contents.
- the machine configuration defines the "shape" (binary, partitions,
layout, whatever) that your specific platform can use.


part /boot --source bootimg-efi-initramfs
--sourceparams="loader=grub-efi,initrd=my-initramfs.cpio.gz" --ondisk
sda --label msdos --active --align 1024 --use-uuid
bootloader --ptable gpt --timeout=1

2) Or should I create a new recipe that builds the WIC and depends on
the initramfs?

Remember, I have no rootfs other than the (non-bundled) initramfs.
Depending on the answers, I will come up with the issues I see.
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