Re: Yocto Image Build for NXP i.MX8M

Maciej Pijanowski

On 28.11.2019 09:32, Aj Cit wrote:

I've followed the instruction from the yocto project:

till the bitbake command. However, I'm getting the following error:
ERROR:  OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration.
    Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf).
    Following is the list of potential problems / advisories:

    Do not use Bitbake as root. 
Isn't this warning message straightforward?
What is your build environment?
Are you using root in fact?

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 12:29 PM Aj Cit <> wrote:

I'm trying to build a Yocto image for NXP i.MX8M (4 core 64-bit A53s). I am getting some error when I execute the bitmake command.

I'd appreciate if you could guide me with next steps. Any Guide or url will be helpful.


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