Which layer is best for tpm2 stack

Diego Santa Cruz



I need to use a TPM2 software stack for my project (tpm2-tools, tpm2-abrmd, tpm2-tss, etc.), where I am already using Yocto, meta-intel, meta-oe, meta-networking, etc.


I see there are at least the following three layers that carry the necessary TPM2 bits, with varying recipe versions.


My current objective is to use the TPM2 as a security chip from our software (in the future we may extend its use to root fs encryption keys and the like). Are there any recommendations as to which of these layers would be more appropriate, is better maintained, etc.?


BTW, the meta-tpm layer in meta-security repo is not listed in the OpenEmbedded Layer index, although meta-security itself and some of the other layers in that repo are listed. Is that because of a name clash with the ones under the meta-secure-core repo, which also carries layers named meta-tpm and meta-integrity?





Diego Santa Cruz, PhD
Technology Architect


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