Re: Coreutils missing in Yocto 2.6.3 sdk

Agnes Amreetha Joseph Arulraj

Hi Alessio,

Thank you for the reply.

We have added TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += “coreutils” in core-image-sato.bbappend file. We have added below lines in “packagegroup-base.bbappend”


RDEPENDS_packagegroup-base-extended = " \

                coreutils \

              coreutils-dbg \

              coreutils-doc \


We have added “ IMAGE_INSTALL_append  = " coreutils" “ in template.conf file.


Files in coreutils-dbg and coreutils-doc are coming in SDK. But bin’s in coreutils are missing, for yocto 2.6.3.


Same we have followed for yocto 2.2.4, All coreutils binaries in bundling in SDK.
Is there anything else, we need to add in Yocto 2.6.3, to get the coreutils bin in the final sdk?


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