Re: Trying to re-use sstate.

McClintock Matthew-B29882 <B29882@...>

The paths issue your are speculating on was fixed by myself and Richard last November.

I would suggest running bitbake-diffsig to determine the actual sstate differences.


On Feb 3, 2012 10:51 PM, "Scott Garman" <scott.a.garman@...> wrote:


I'm trying to re-use the sstate from one build directory and move it to another. It's not working - bitbake is rebuilding *everything*.

My hunch is the reason for this is because bblayers.conf must differ between the two build directories, because it uses full paths to the layer directories.

By default, when you source oe-init-build-env for the first time, it generates a bblayers.conf file with full paths to the default layers, meta and meta-yocto.

I thought the point of sstate was that I could copy it between build directories - or even different hosts - and save myself the effort of rebuilding everything if the remaining metadata was the same?


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