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Richard Leitner

unfortunately, due to a different focus on my day job in the previous months I didn't had time for doing any work on meta-java.

This will change in the coming weeks and I will start to review and test patches again.

Nonetheless it would be great if one of the other listed maintainers (or somebody else) can support me as there will be significant refactoring, cleanup and update work to be done ;-)


On 05/11/2019 09:18, Vincent Prince wrote:
Hi Tim,
There are some pending stuff on meta-java ML
openembedded-devel@... and layer is not zeus
compatible yet.
I'm trying to contact layer maintainers for several weeks, i don't
know if information is obsolete or if people are too busy/away?
Main layer maintainers:
Henning Heinold <henning@...>
Maxin John <maxin.john@...>
Otavio Salvador <otavio@...>
Richard Leitner <richard.leitner@...>
For now, I just use master-next, and I'm considering using prebuilds, meta-java is quite hard to
understand I found :)
Best regards,
Le lun. 4 nov. 2019 à 18:23, Shockley, Timothy
<timothy.shockley@...> a écrit :


I am looking for some help with meta-java, specifically upgrading to zeus branch and also upgrading openjdk to a more recent release in order to address CVEs. Wondering if there is anyone else working / needing this?


Tim Shockley

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