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Zhang, Jessica

Hi Tal,


First, thanks for checking and considering using Yocto Project.  Please send your future questions to yoct@... mailing list, that’s the general mailing list for all Yocto project related issue/questions.


As to your problem of hob download about 5.5GB of data. Keep in mind, hob is just a UI front end to bitbake.  And bitbake relies on meta data to build out things and download the sources, etc.  I’ve checked with our kernel guy, according to him, the upstream kernel source is about 2.2GB and on top of that we also download the git history data, etc.  So after running the build, 5.5GB seems in line with what should be expected.





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Subject: Question about Yocto


Hello Jessica,

My name is Tal and me and my associates were in the Linux conference at Prague Oct 2011.

we saw your lecture about the hob and about Yocto and were really moved by the idea of building our own linux distribution.

so we downloaded the Edison release. installed the Env, installed the eclipse plugin and started building our first kernel.

we thought that we will use the Hob and give it a small run with qemux86 and build the minimal core default settings, and.... Bake.


the hob downloaded about 5.5GB of data to our hard disk, this seems a bit to much for a minimal kernel, vanilla kernel is less then 1GB and it is way more then a minimal core.


so we thought we did something wrong, uninstalled and re-installed using he Yocto tutorials on YouTube and got the same result.

when we thought that  we might need to ask the experts we found that there is no forum( what a shame, that would have been help-full) instead there is a mailing list where most people complain and no one answered us.


please contact us and let us know if we did something wrong, is it normal(to download 5.5GB), and what should we do next




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