Re: [wpe-webkit] Optimising imx6 performance for HTML5 using Cog + WPE WebKit

Andy Pont

Carlos wrote...

We start the browser with the following command line:
cog --enable-accelerated-2d-canvas=1 appui/index.html
How the performance compares if you disable accelerated-2d-canvas?
It gets worse or its the same?
It is the same. I have been testing with and and in all circumstances I see 10-12fps.

Usually on the web application side there are different things that can
be optimized to make it perform better on WPE.
I think it would be helpful to understand the problem if you can share a
demo of your web app where the performance problem can be easily reproduced.
The web app is responding to data being sent to it over a websocket connection from a backend application. I’ll see if we can create something that doesn’t rely on the websocket interface that can be run in the browser on its own.


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