Re: Useradd: crypted passwords longer than 8 characters

Bryan Evenson


You can use the the EXTRA_USER_PARAMS variable in your image recipe: Both usermod and useradd take a plaintext password with the -P option, but I believe the password is then encrypted prior to being saved in /etc/shadow. Then you'll need to follow proper precautions to ensure your image recipe stays secret since it'd include the plaintext password.


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Crypt the password yourself and pass it in to the adduser command.


On 10/21/19 10:25 AM, Lukasz Zemla wrote:
What is the best way in Yocto (warrior) to add crypted password to
/etc/shadow during buildtime?

Using useradd.bbclass in a standard way we may add only passwords <= 8
"-p" parameterr followed by the output of "openssl passwd -crypt
pAsswOrd" works fine.

I thought that class may be cheated by providing after "-p" string returned
by "openssl passwd -6 verylongpAsswOrd", but it does not work: the
password in /etc/shadow file is truncated:


Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
Lukasz Zemla

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