Re: gitlab-runner

Robert Berger


Please see my comments in-line.

On 19/09/2019 15:48, Simon Spannagel wrote:
Hi all,
the linked layer does not provide a bitbake recipe for the gitlab-runner
to be built but only some instructions of how to set up a runner
instance to run bitbake on. Was this what you were looking for?
Actually both gitlab-runner kicking off a bitbake and gitlab-runner on my boards to run stuff there.

Initially I thought about building the gitlab-runner for the board myself, but with 200 golang libs this will be not much fun I guess;)

Thanks for the link to the layer index, Randy, I'll look into adding it

Best regards,


On 19/09/2019 15:39, Randy MacLeod wrote:
On 9/19/19 2:56 AM, Robert Berger@... wrote:

Does someone happen to have a BitBake recipe for gitlab-runner?[1]


A quick search did not show up anything;)
There's nothing in the layer index:

(It wasn't clear if you knew about the index.)

I did find:
that mentions gitlab-runner but it doesn't seem like that layer provides
a recipe but you might want to check it out anyway and let us know if
it works for you.

Also I CCed Simon who is the most recent active committer to
meta-caribou. Simon, Do you want to add this layer to the index?
and click the "Submit layer" button.




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