OpenEmbedded Developer Meeting on Day 2 of Yocto Project Summit after ELCE

Philip Balister

Boy that is a mouthful. The date is November 1 2019 in Lyon, France.

On day 2 of the Yocto Project Summit after the Embedded Linux
Conference, we are hosting an OpenEmbedded Developer meeting. This
meeting is part of an ongoing series of meetings held for OpenEmbedded
developers and users to exchange information about the project's
direction and to explain to developers problems people face in the real

Please sign up here (attendance is capped at 40):

Please add ideas for topics also. (Also add your T-shirt size after your
name, no promises but the information might help us)

More info and sign up information for the Yocto Project Summit is here:

Based on talk abstracts I've seen, Day 1 should be very interesting!


PS: For some historical perspective, here is the page from 2007:

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