Yocto Project Summit 2019 - CFP Reminder

Volosincu, Andreea S

The Yocto Project Summit 2019 is quickly approaching and, with that, the CFP closing date.


Quick reminder for everyone that plans to submit an abstract:  

CFP Closes: 11:59 PM PST on Monday, September 16

CFP Notifications: Monday, September 23

Schedule Announcement: Thursday, September 30

Slide Due Date: Monday, October 21


CFP list of topics:

ü  DevTool

ü  Layer quality: e.g. creating robust layers, safely using existing layers

ü  Future languages (e.g. Rust)

ü  Productivity tricks and tools

ü  Security

ü  Reproducibility

ü  Init systems: pros and cons, selection, configuration

ü  Leveraging the new runqueue optimizations for mirrors, reproducible builds

ü  Supporting the Application Developer

ü  DevOps

ü  Working with/creating BSPs

ü  Practical use of the Yocto Project


Submit your proposals at conferences@...


Best regards,

Yocto Project Advocacy Team




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