how to generate an SPDX "notice file" from a build?

Robert P. J. Day

colleague just asked how to generate an SPDX license "notice file"
(whatever that is) from a build for a zynq ultrascale+ board, which
shouldn't be hard other than that:

1) it's not pure YP, it's petalinux
2) petalinux is being driven by a docker build container

so it may be that one or the other of the above is causing side

in any event, i already pointed out how YP automatically generates
all the license info on a per-recipe basis, but there is apparently
some fancier format of SPDX output, so after a few seconds inspection,
i stumbled over the spdx.bbclass file. i added the line:

INHERIT += "spdx"

to the petalinux version of local.conf, started the build, and noticed
numerous error messages of the form:

SPDX: Could not set up required directories ... /home/yocto

which i'm *guessing* is due to the docker container having some
default idea of where output files are supposed to go.

in any event, if the above had worked, what would i have seen and
where would i have seen it?

more to the point, as i did more research, i noticed a number of
things related to collecting licensing info, such as a
meta-spdxscanner layer, and something called DoSOCSv2, of which i know

anyway, what is the simplest way to generate said "notice file", if
there is a formal definition of such a thing? i'll try that this
evening on a pure YP build just to verify proper operation before
trying to cram it into petalinux.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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