Yocto Project Summit at ELCE Call for Particpation

Philip Balister

At the past few OopenEmbedded developer meetings, people have been
asking for more developer and user focused events like a miniconf.
Partly based on this feedback, there is a two day event sponsored by the
Yocto Project that provides a chance for people to talk about the Yocto
Project and OpenEmbedded. The CFP is a bit buried on the page and I like
to get it more exposure, so here the direct link:


We'd like to see new faces talking. We know there are a lot of good
stories out there, that will help lots of people become better users and

The link to the event is here:


Follow the path to the Yocto Project Summit. If you are alrady signed up
for ELCE, you should be able to update your registration to include the


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