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Moritz Porst <moritz.porst@...>

On 16.08.19 01:17, Mittal, Anuj wrote:
On Thu, 2019-08-15 at 19:12 -0300, Antonio Teixeira wrote:

I've been having trouble with loading initramfs on boot when the
initramfs is bundled with the kernel image.
I've been using the following options in local.conf:
INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-minimal-initramfs"

I'm using the linux-intel kernel from the meta-intel layer, however,
when booting, the kernel simply doesn't load the initramfs.
When I build a bundled kernel image I have a normal bzImage (~10mb) and a bzImage-initramfs(~30mb) in my build directory. Check the kernel image on your device, for me always the unbundled one gets deployed with the image, so I copy the bundled image via "scp. You may have to increase size of the boot partition in case you use an additional boot partition. In wic you can use the --size <size in mb> command.

If I set INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE to "0", copy the generated initramfs
image to the boot partition, and then point grub to the external
initramfs.cpio.gz image using the initrd option in the boot entry
config, the kernel loads it fine and everything works.
Which branch are you using? Can you try the latest master with wic?
There was a fix to wic to allow copying the kernel image with bundled
initramfs to boot partition instead of the one without when
I didn't ask the original question but have the same problem. I have the thud branch checked out, but I couldn't find that fix on google. Can you elaborate on this ?


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